Exporting Chart Summary Data

Recollective offers the ability to export all available chart summary data from Tasks that produce charts (i.e. Prompt, Poll, Fill the Blanks, Sort and Rank, Grid, Image Review, Video Review). The Chart Summary Data export is accessible via the Activity Options menu and the Summary > Charts tab. 

Any chart customizations you have made such as customizing colors, combined choices, and updated titles and will be preserved in the export. The produced file can be used to further analyze response data or import into an alternate data analysis or presentation tool.

If you would like to export the charts for a single activity you can do so by clicking on the Activity Options arrow > Transcripts > Chart Summary Data

If you'd like to bulk export the chart summary data for an entire study, you can do so from the Summary tab > Charts tab. Simply click the Export option, then choose Summary Data

Once your transcript has generated, download the file. The downloaded transcript will include all of the charts from the activity or activities you selected. 
The first tab is a Tasks index. You can click on a Task Name to jump directly to that Task's chart. 
From the selected tab, you'll find a variety of useful metadata, including the task name, task type source URL, reference number, and the base number of responses. 

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