Logging In For Participants

In this article, we’ll cover what Participants can expect when logging into Recollective for the first time and as they continue to use the platform. Feel free to share this resource with your recruitment team to help communicate the process to Participants.

The Participant Login Experience

Provided that a custom sending address has not been configured, participants will receive an email invite from no-reply@recollective.email (formerly no-reply@recollective.com as of March 6th, 2024).

To access the platform, Participants will need to click the Login button (by default labeled ‘Accept Invitation’) on this email invite.

The First Login

Clicking the Login button will lead each Participant to the Account Registration page. At this point, Participants will be asked to complete several fields depending on those configured via Site Administration > Settings > Account Settings. These fields may include:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address

  • Username
  • Profile photo
  • Password
  • Any Agreements enabled
A note about Screening Questions: Depending on whether or not you’ve programmed Screening Questions, Participants will also need to complete these before entering the Study. By default, Participants will be asked to complete any Screening Questions before reaching the Account Registration page. If you’d prefer Participants to be screened after registering, uncheck the ‘Allow applicants to be screened prior to account registration’ setting on the Screening Questions page.

Subsequent Logins

Participants can login with their email address or username and password at any point via the login page.

If automatic login links are enabled within the site settings, participants can access the site by clicking the links on any email notifications sent to their inbox via the platform. These links will automatically log Participants into the Site if they are accessed within the allocated automatic login time frame. 

By default, automatic login links are enabled for 24 hours following an email notification. This duration (time before link expiration) can be customized via Site Administration > Settings > Email Settings.

Verification Codes

When a Participant clicks an expired link in an email they will not be automatically logged in. In this instance, Participants will be prompted to send a verification code to their email address. Once received and the code is entered on Recollective’s login page, Participants will be granted access to the site.

If Participants would rather login using their email address or username and password, they can simply click the Login button and enter their credentials when prompted.

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