Overview of Automatic Notifications for Participants

By default, participants will receive email notifications from the study or studies they are active in. To reduce the number of individual emails that are sent, notifications are grouped and sent in a digest .

Example Digest 

Subject Line: You have 2 new notifications

The default sending frequency for email digests is 6AM,12PM and 6PM. You can modify this frequency from Site Administration > Settings > Email Settings

Unless options are restricted, participants can modify their email notification frequency themselves from their Account Settings page.  

Notifications will be sent to participants when the following events occur:  

  • Standard and Journal Activities: New activity available (on start date), Activity reminder (day before due date), Activity overdue (day after due date) 
  • Journal Activities: Journal entry reminder after X Day(s) of inactivity
  • Activity Response interactions: Response comment (open or private), an @mention, Like or Dislike rating received, a comment is awaiting a reply, a response has been rejected by an administrator
  • Discussions: New discussion topic available, a followed topic has received a response, a comment has received a reply or rating 
  • Live Video Interviews: Invitation to schedule a meeting, Reminder to schedule a meeting, Meeting scheduled (customizable), Meeting starting soon (customizable), Meeting missed, Meeting rescheduled, Meeting canceled
  • Live Group Chat: Activity starts tomorrow (24 hours before start), Activity starts soon (1 to 2 hours before start), Activity started (actual start time)
  • New Private Message: Messages are direct and private exchanges between individual Study participants and the moderators of that Study.
Note: Activity notifications can be disabled from each Activity’s Setup page

Email Broadcasts

Outside of the automated notifications, if you wish to send an email message to a group of participants, you can do so with an Email Broadcast.

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