Screening: Configure a Custom Redirect When Panelists are Disqualified

Panelists can be disqualified from a study based on their responses to the site registration form or study level screening questions. Panelists can also be rejected due to quota limits enabled on a given study. 

When this occurs, the panelist will receive a notice informing them of their disqualification or rejection. This notice can be configured with a customized redirect that takes the panelist to an external URL. 
To customize study-level notices, navigate to Study Admin > Participant Screening > Notices. The following notices can be edited to include a custom redirect:
  • Notice to applicants that qualify but are rejected due to limits and balancing

  • Notice to applicants that are disqualified due to screening questions

To customize site-level notices, navigate to Site Administration > Settings > Site Notices. The “Notice to applicants disqualified due to choices made on the Registration form” notice is the only site level notice that can be tailored to include a custom redirect.

To add a custom redirect to any of these notices, enable Customize redirection after notice and paste the desired URL into the field below it. 

By default, the applicant will be redirected after they click on the ‘Continue’ button under the notice text. However, the option to Redirect automatically can be enabled if you wish to have applicants be redirected automatically after a defined duration of time.

Click Save to apply the changes. 
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