Discussion Feedback Stage

When configuring a Discussion Topic, you can access a Scheduling tab that allows you to Enable a feedback stage. This option allows you to set a date when replies are no longer accepted, but comments and ratings are permitted on the replies that have already been made.

A secondary checkbox option will appear with the label Do not allow comments or ratings on replies until the Feedback Stage begins. If enabled, ONLY replies are permitted prior to the feedback stage (i.e. no one will be able to comment or rate those replies until the feedback stage start date).

Feedback Stage Example

For example, you might collect new product ideas from Monday to Wednesday without allowing any commentary or ratings yet. You then get participants to give each other feedback on Thursday and Friday while preventing new ideas (i.e. more replies) from being submitted.

To do this, enable a feedback stage and have it start on Wednesday at 11:59 PM and enable the secondary option so no comments or ratings can occur prior (just replies for the actual idea submissions). Once the exercise has been done, you can then sort the posts in terms of Highly Rated and / or Most Comments to see which ones garnered the most support and why.

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