Scheduling Discussion Topics

Topics are often used as an always on space within a Study, but several scheduling options are also available when creating a new Topic (accessible on the Scheduling tab):

  • Delay start of topic causes the Topic to remain hidden from participants until the given date and time
  • Enable a feedback stage allows you to set a date when replies are no longer accepted, but comments and ratings are still permitted (there's even an option to not allow any comments or ratings until this date as well)
  • Schedule end of topic causes the Topic to be archived at a set date which prevents any additional posts or ratings

If the Delay start of topic option is used, Study administrators can still see and access future scheduled Topics by selecting Upcoming in the filter at the top of the Discussions page. 
The feedback stage option is used when you want to prevent more direct replies to the initial Topic description and instead need to encourage debate around the replies that have already been submitted. A common example of using this feature is for group ideation. You might have an initial period for idea submission where participants post their idea(s), but after a certain date the focus becomes socializing over the submitted posts. Participants no longer submit new ideas at this point, but comment and rate on the ideas of everyone else. 
Finally, enabling the Schedule end of topic option is used to to set a date and time for when all replies, comments and ratings are no longer permitted. The Topic will effectively be frozen at that time and is still available but in a read-only state.
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