How to Create and Assign Participants to a Basic Segment

Basic Segments are used to group Panelists, limit content visibility, and can be used as Filters. Participants can be assigned to Basic Segments in three key ways– manually, via Bulk Import, or through responding to closed-ended Tasks. In this article, you will learn how to:

Adding Participants to Basic Segments

Method 1: Manual Assignment

Manually assigning participants to Basic Segments is accomplished in the Site Administration. Only Analysts can manually assign Basic Segments.

Step 1: Create your Basic Segment. If you’ve already created the segment, skip to step 2! 

📍 Go to Site Administration > Panelists > Segments

  1. Click on New Segment and select Basic Segment
  2. Enter a Segment Name
    1. Optional: under the Advanced Options section, you can limit the segment’s Study Visibility or configure the segment to Add Panelists to Studies or Remove Panelists from Studies.
  3. Click Save

Step 2: Manually Assign Participants to Basic Segment

📍 Go to Site Administration > Panelist > Segments

  1. Locate and click on the Basic Segment you would like to add Participants to
    1. Optional: Use the Segment Type filter or Search segments… to help find your desired Segment.
  2. From the Edit: Basic Segment page, click Manage
  3. Click Not Assigned
    1. Optional: Add any other additional filters to narrow down the list of Participants (i.e. Name, Username, Email or Assigned Study)
  4. For each Participant you want to assign, select the checkbox next to their name or username
  5. At the bottom of the page, select Add to {Segment Name}
  6. Click Apply

Method 2: Bulk Import

Analysts and Moderators assigned to the study can assign participants to Basic Segments using Bulk Import.

Bulk Import is an easy way to add or update Segments for multiple Participants in a Study all at once via the import of an .XLSX or .XSL file. 

  1. Using a spreadsheet application such as Excel, create a spreadsheet 
  2. Add participants' Email Addresses or External IDs into the first column
  3. Create a separate column for each Segment
    1. Place a 1 in the column to assign a participant to that Segment
  4. Upload your spreadsheet
When you import your spreadsheet, you will need to review each column’s data. 
  • If this is a new Segment, select New Segment
  • If this is an existing Segment, select Assign Segment and choose the corresponding Segment from the dropdown list provided.

Method 3: Task Response

Analysts and Moderators assigned to the study, can add Participants to Segments based on their responses to Poll and Prompt Tasks! 

  1. In the intended Activity, create a Poll Task, Prompt Task, or a Poll within a Fill The Blanks Task
  2. As you create your Choice Labels, click Show Advanced Options
  3. Under the "Add to Segment(s)" heading, select +Add Segment
  4. Define a Segment Name
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other options
  7. Save the Task
Note: For Polls in Fill the Blanks, click the segment icon, then +Add Segment
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