How to Add and Invite Participants to a Study

Analysts and Moderators can add and invite participants to a Study by following this three step procedure. 

Step 1: Prepare a spreadsheet

Step 2: Bulk import the spreadsheet

Step 3: Send email invitations

Note: If you need to add and invite participants without uploading their personally identifiable information to the platform, check out our guide on this topic

Step 1: Prepare a Spreadsheet

  1. Using a spreadsheet application such as Excel, create a new spreadsheet
  2. Label the first column: Email Address
    1. List each participants email address in it's own row
  3. Label the second column: Password
    1. List a simple temporary password for each participant. Example: Research123!
  4. Optional: Label any additional columns to correspond with other metadata data you wish to import
    1. Example: First Name, Last Name, Gender, Age
  5. Save the spreadsheet
Note: Recollective cannot read password protected files so be sure to save the sheet without password protection.

Step 2: Bulk import the spreadsheet

📍 Go to the Study Admin menu > Add Participants
  1. Locate the Bulk Import a Spreadsheet pane
  2. Select Start Import
  3. On the import page, click Select File
  4. Choose the prepared spreadsheet
  5. Review the column information and assign the data type for each column
    1. Standard fields (Email Address, First Name, Last Name, Password) will be detected and automatically validated if they are labelled correctly.
    2. If you are importing additional demographic data, use the following guide to determine the column type:
      • Columns containing binary data: New Segment
      • Columns containing non-binary data: New Custom Field

      Note: Custom field data can be used to create Smart Segments once the import is complete.
  6. Once each column has been validated, click Continue
  7. Review the validated data for any errors
  8. Click Start Import

Once the import is complete, each participant in the import file will have an account on the site and be assigned to the study. You can move on to inviting participants immediately. Invitations can be scheduled for future delivery if you are not ready to open the study yet.

Step 3: Send email invitations

  1. Click on Send email invitations
    1. If you left the Bulk Import validation page, you can re-locate this option by clicking on the Participant Directory icon
  2. Optional: Customize the Subject Line, Message, and Email Signature
  3. Click Preview Message
  4. Click Send Later
  5. In the Send Later modal, select the date and time for the delivery of the invite
  6. Click Save
Caution: Scheduling the delivery of email invitations for a date/time prior to Participant Access starting is not recommended. Participants will only be able to accept the invitation if Participant Access has started and the Study is in an OPEN state.
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