Exceeding Allotted Video Minutes

Recollective provides in-platform notifications that are tied to the allotted video minutes on your Site. These notifications will appear in the form of banners across the top of Site Pages. Service Limit banners pertain to both Standard and Live Video Minutes, and will never be visible to any Participants or Clients on your Site. 

When you are approaching any allotted Service Limits, a gold banner will appear at the top of Site pages informing you of the remaining Standard/Live Video minutes available on your Site. 

Once you’ve exceeded any allotted Service Limits, this banner will switch to red and will display the current overage in minutes.If you enter an overage, you will be unable to export videos from the platform.

It is important to note that even if you’ve exceeded your allotted minutes, Participants will never be prevented from uploading videos or participating in Live Activities

Participants will be able to continue with their contributions as normal. The site will continue to go into the negative, and you will be unable to export videos from the platform. Once additional minutes have been purchased, video export functionality will be restored to your Site. 

Monitoring Service Limits

Analysts can monitor Service Limits from Site Administration > SettingsSubscription

Current Standard and Live Video Minutes will be displayed under the Service Limits header. Analysts can monitor minutes used in the current month, the last 30 days, in addition to any recently purchased minutes. Clicking on the View Details option will direct Analysts to the Site Log where one can view a detailed breakdown of where minutes were consumed. 

If you require assistance, or would like to purchase additional video minutes, you can click on the Contact Us link found within any Service Limits banner, or, email saleshelp@recollective.com

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