Automated Translation Tools

If you are running Studies across multiple markets, in-platform moderation and analysis becomes more complex due to additional languages. If you’ll be moderating, overseeing, or having end-clients participate in the Studies, you may benefit from a tool such as Google Translate.

This free tool can be installed and run as a Google Chrome browser extension to translate in 50+ different languages. Before you begin using this extension, we have a few tips to make the most of it.

When To Use the Extension

After completing the set up of your Study, Google Translate can lend a helping hand during analysis if you’ll be reviewing responses from participants in another language. Apply the extension on an individual Task response, the Activity Summary page, or the Summary tab to translate the in-platform view of the responses. Applying translations in the platform will not impact transcripts and exports.

Avoid using the extension during Study setup and on any pages that contain editable text, such as Task setup pages, as any editable question or instruction text can be translated by the extension and may auto-save. 

Google Translate Extension Options

You can install this free browser extension from the Google Chrome Web Store. Once installed, we recommend taking a manual approach when using the Google Translate tool. This is important in helping mitigate the risk of accidentally translating editable content. 

To set up the Google Translate Chrome Extension to support this, click on the extension’s icon in your browser. From the pop-up, select Extension Options.

On the following page, set your preferred language as the tool’s primary language and select the Don’t display icon or pop-up setting. Once complete, click Save.

Using the Extension

Once set up, whenever you’d like to activate Google Translate, simply click on the extension’s icon and select Translate this page

The accuracy of translations will be dependant on the accuracy of the third party extension or tool being used. To ensure the accuracy of response data in final reporting, we recommend exporting the study response data and sending it out for human translation.
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