Deleting Contributions from Inactive Participants

When a participant is removed from a study or deactivated, their study response data is not automatically removed. By default, contributions from inactive participants are included in the final data on the platform, as well as in transcripts and exports. 

If you wish to delete the contributions of inactive participants, you can do so from the Inactive section of the Participant Directory

To delete the contributions of a single inactive participant:

  1. Navigate to the Participant Directory > Inactive section
  2. Locate the participant in the list, then hover over their name
  3. Select the menu arrow
  4. Select Delete Contributions

To delete the contributions of multiple participants, select the checkbox next to each name, then use the Bulk Action menu at the bottom of the page to select Delete Contributions and click Apply.

A confirmation modal will appear, allowing you to  Cancel the operation or proceed with removing the selected data. Note that once the data has been removed, it cannot be restored.

By default,  Hide from list of inactive participants is selected. When this option is selected, the relevant inactive participants will no longer appear in the study's Inactive area after their data has been removed. You can choose to deselect this option if you wish for the inactive participant(s) to continue to appear in the Inactive area after their data has been removed. Inactive participants' accounts can still be located in Site Administration via Search Panelists.

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