How to Change the Default Language in a Study

If you are running a study in a language other than your Site's default, you can set a unique default language for that specific study space. 

Changing the study's default language will ensure that participants who join the study see the platform interface in the target language. Translations for added content, such as Activity and Task instructions, must be entered manually. 

Analysts and Moderators can change a study's default language by following these steps:

📍 Go to the Study Admin menu  
  1. Click on Study Settings
  2. Select Configuration
  3. Under the Language header, use the dropdown to select the desired language
  4. Click Save
Note: If your desired language is missing from the dropdown list, it must be enabled at the Site level. Analysts can enable additional Available Languages on a site by navigating to Site Administration > Settings > Basic Settings

The study interface will continue to appear in your site’s default language. This is because the platform recognizes you as an Administrator and anticipates that you will want to continue with the setup in the site's default language. If you wish to view the platform interface in the study’s default language (the language that participants will see), you can do so at any time using the language toggle at the bottom left corner of the screen.

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