Resetting Points

Once points are earned, they can be reviewed in the Action Log. If needed, points can be revoked or added manually.

What happens when you need to start the point tracking from scratch for an entire Study? 

Resetting the points balance for all Participants will result in a baseline of zero for everyone. The ability to reset points may be particularly beneficial for longer-term communities. Should you wish to incentivize Participants on a per-period basis, you could, for example, reset points weekly or monthly to promote frequent ‘winners.’

To reset the points in a Study:

📍 Go to the Study Admin Menu
  1. Click Study Settings > Points
  2. Select Reset All Points
  3. You will then be prompted to select a start date and time for the new round of point collection.
  4. Click Reset All Points to save the changes. All point values will be set to 0 from the scheduled date and time. 
Note: If you wish to review historic point data or points earned prior to a reset, you can do so from the Study Action Log. If you need to adjust points for individuals or groups of Participants, please reference Revoking and Adjusting Points
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