Introduction to Forums

Forums are a great way to allow panelists to easily interact with administrators and one another by engaging in vibrant discussions. 

Featured at the site-level, Forums are ideal for facilitating ongoing panel management while fostering engagement at scale— outside the scope of a singular study.

Whether you’re looking to curate site-wide discussion, encourage collaboration among a certain segment of panelists, or create an administrator-only space to debrief, Forums offer a unique and intuitive way to optimize your Recollective site.

Any number of Forums can be configured within a single Recollective site. Each offers the flexibility to target specific subsets of panelists or administrators via distinct visibility and permission settings. 

To help guide discussions, admins can leverage Descriptions and further narrow each Forum by Topic.

Each Topic within a Forum starts with a single post followed by all of its replies. Topic posts and replies are shown in chronological order. All Topics and replies are visible to users in the Forum.

Within a Forum, individual posts can…

  • Receive replies
  • Receive emoji reactions

Maximize user engagement with:

  • Ability to Follow a topic to be notified of every new post
  • Automatic notifications of direct replies

Accessing Forums

Forums are an add-on to your Recollective site. If you do not currently have access to Forums, contact us at for more information.

Once enabled, you can access Forums from your site Dashboard or custom home page by clicking on the Forums tab. You can also access Forums by using the dropdown site-level navigation menu (located to the right of your site logo) to select Forums.

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