How to Filter Participants in a Study

In a Study, Analysts and Moderators have the ability to filter Participants using various options. This can be useful when moderating and analyzing responses, allowing administrators to take a more granular approach when analyzing their data. Advanced filtering criteria can also be leveraged to create Smart Segments within the Study space. Analysts and Moderators can filter in the following steps.

Step 1: Filter Participants via segments 
Step 2: Filter Participants via advanced filtering

Step 1: Filter Participants via Segments 

📍 Go to the Study’s Summary tab
  1. To filter Participants using a Basic or Smart Segment, click on the Segments option
    1. Select the relevant segment(s) from the drop-down list 
    2. Determine whether the filtering options should Match Any or Match All

Step 2: Filter Participants via advanced filtering

📍 Go to the Study’s Summary tab
  1. Click on the Filters option. 
  2. In the new modal that appears, you will be able to select from Advanced Filters or Select Participants
  3. From the Advanced Filters tab, you can select an attribute or Smart Segment to filter Participants
  4. After making your selections, click the Filter button
    1. Optional: Selected attributes can be saved as Smart Segments by clicking Save as Smart Segment
  5. Clicking on the Select Participants tab will allow Admins to choose specific Participants to filter from the menu. 
Once you have completed these steps, you will have successfully filtered Participants within a Study. 
Note: You can also leverage these filtering options from within an Activity’s Responses stream.
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