Preventing Firewalls from Blocking Recollective

If you see a partially blank page or a message like "Unable to connect to video server", you may have a firewall or similar software on your network, operating system or as a browser extension. Such network filtering can impact your connectivity to Recollective and thus negatively impact your experience, especially for live video meetings. 

If you have a firewall or network filtering browser extension, consider disabling it temporarily to see if that resolves the issue.

In order to prevent a firewall from blocking Recollective, the following domains should be added to any personal or corporate firewall whitelist for both ports 80 and 443. For larger organizations, you will likely need to contact your IT department to whitelist these domains for you:

  • Your Recollective site's domain (if not a subdomain to
  • (webcam video and screen recording)
  • (live activities)
  • * (live activities)
  • (in-app help system)
For email delivery, Recollective outgoing mail servers uses two dedicated IP address. If your mail server is behind a firewall, these IP address should also be whitelisted:

Please contact us if you have any questions about preventing a firewall from blocking Recollective.

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