How to: Block Pasting in Task Responses

The Content Checks section of the Study Settings allows administrators to block participants from pasting copied content into task responses. This setting encourages participants to manually type out authentic responses instead of borrowing text from an external tool or resource (e.g. generative AI).

There are two ways to block pasting in your study:
  • Block pasting for all Tasks in the Study Settings
  • Block pasting for a single Task in the Task Setup
To block pasting for all tasks within your Study, follow the steps below:
📍 Navigate to Study Admin > Study Settings > Content Checks
  1. Enable the Task responses toggle located under the Block Pasting Header
  2. Click Save to apply the changes
Note: This will block pasting for participants in all tasks in the study by default, but it is always possible to override the study default while configuring an individual Task.
To block pasting for a specific Task, follow the steps below:
📍 Navigate to Activity that contains the relevant Task
  1. Hover over the Task card
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow, then select Edit
  3. Under the Advanced header, select the Block pasting of external content checkbox
  4. Click Save to apply the changes


When block pasting is enabled in the Study Settings, participants cannot paste copied content within a text field of any Task. However, this can be overridden if block pasting is disabled at the task-level. 
Enabling Block pasting does not impact administrators’ ability to paste external content into the study space unless they are previewing an Activity or Task.
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