How to Change the Admin on a Home Page Card

When creating a study, a default People card will be present on the home page. It is populated with the Study Creator and a default introduction message. Analysts and Moderators can change the Admin who appears on the Introduction card by following these steps:

📍 Go to the Study Home page
  1. Click on Page Options 
  2. Select Edit Page
  3. Hover over the Introduction Card 
  4. Click on the menu arrow > Edit 
  5. Under the People Filter, use the Select Administrators dropdown to choose the Admin(s) you would like to display
    1. If you wish to display more than one Admin on the card, increase the number of People per page and People in total accordingly
  6. Click Save
  7. Click Publish to make the changes visible to participants
Note: If the Administrator who you want to display does not appear in the Select Administrators list, they may need to be invited to the study. Administrators will only appear in the list after they have accepted their invite.
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