How to Limit a Live Group Chat (Focus Group) to Select Participants

Recollective supports live focus groups with (or without) video. You can run a focus group with a select group of participants by limiting the visibility of the Live Group Chat Activity to a select segment.

Analysts and Moderators can limit the visibility of a Live Group Chat Activity by following this two-step procedure:

Step 1: Create a Segment to assign participants to

Step 2: Create a Live Group Chat activity, limited to the new Segment

Note: Step 1 will vary based on user role.

  • Analysts and Moderators can follow 1a
  • Analysts can also follow 1b

Step 1a: Create a Segment to assign participants to

  1. Prepare a spreadsheet for bulk import
  2. Label the first column: Email Address
    1. Enter each participants email address in a separate row
  3. Label the second column with the desired Segment name (Example: Focus Group - May 20)
    1. Place a 1 in the column to assign a participant to that Segment
    2. Repeat #3 as needed to create additional Segments
  4. Save the spreadsheet
📍 Go to the Study Admin menu > Add Participants >  Bulk Import a Spreadsheet
  1. Import the spreadsheet
    1. When prompted, define the columns as New Segment
More information on the Bulk Import process is available here.

Step 1b: Create a Segment to assign participants to

📍Go to Site Administration > Segments
  1. Select New Basic Segment
  2. Name the Segment (Example: Focus Group - May 20)
  3. Optional: Limit the visibility of the Segment to the relevant study. This step is recommended if you will run multiple studies on the same site. 
  4. Click Save
  5. Assign any relevant participants to the Segment
    1. Locate a participant by going to Site Administration > Search Panelists 
    2. Click their name to edit the profile
    3. Use the Basic Segments dropdown to assign them to the relevant Segment
    4. Click Save

Step 2: Create a Live Group Chat Activity

📍 Go to the Activities tab within the Study
  1. Click on Add Activity
  2. Name the Activity. The name will be visible to participants.
  3. Select the Live Group Chat Activity type
  4. Select the desired date, time, and duration of the Activity
  5. Optional: Enable video
    1. If video is not enabled, the Activity will occur as a text-only live chat
  6. Under the Limits pane, enable Limit who is invited to meet
  7. Select the desired segment(s) from the list
  8. Optional: Add a description for participants to read before they join
  9. Click Save
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