How to Skip a Participant Over a Task

If you have a Participant who is struggling with a specific Task, you may choose to skip them over the Task to save their time and avoid frustrations. You can allow a Participant to skip over a Task by making the Task optional, however this would make the Skip option available to all other participants completing that Task. 

Analysts and Moderators can skip a specific Participant over a single Task by following this two step procedure:

Step 1: Locate the task you would like to skip the Participant over

Step 2: Skip the Participant over the Task

Note: If a Participant would like to attempt a Task that they have been skipped over at a later date, an Analyst or Moderator will need to reject the response.

Step 1: Locate the task you would like to skip the Participant over

📍 Go to the Activity that contains the relevant Task
  1. Scroll down to the Response Summary
  2. Locate the Participant in the list and click View next to their name
  3. Click on the Task Name and select the desired Task from the dropdown list

Step 2: Skip the Participant over the Task

  1. Click on Response Options
  2. Select Edit Task Response
  3. From the draft entry page, select the Skip button at the bottom of the page
  4. In the Skip Task modal, continue with the default selection Skipped by moderator 
  5. Select Skip Task to complete the procedure
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