How to Remove Personally Identifiable Information in Bulk

Once a study has ended, you may wish to remove the personally identifiable information (PII) associated with each participants account to remain data compliant. When PII is removed, participants study response data will be preserved in all studies and will be linked to an anonymous account. 

To remove PII in a bulk action, an Analyst can create a Smart Segment and then run a Personal Data Removal for the participants within that segment. 

Remove PII in bulk by following these steps:

📍 Go to Site Administration > Panelists > Segments
  1. Click New Smart Segment
  2. Give the Segment a unique name that you can easily recognize.
    1. Example: Outdoor Journey - PII Removal
  3. Under the Smart Segment Criteria header, choose the criteria by which to filter Participants.
    1. Example: Assigned Studies > Includes Any > Outdoor Journey
    2. Note: If you are using multiple criteria, ensure that Match all criteria is selected
  4. Click Test Filter and review the list of Matches to ensure the applied filters are as intended
  5. Click Save
  6. Locate the new Smart Segment you just created and click on the name
  7. From the Edit: Smart Segment page, click on Options > Remove Personal Data    
  8. In the Remove Personal Data modal, select the data that should be removed
  9. Optional: Choose to Deactivate the accounts at the same time
  10. Click Remove Selected Data
Caution: If you need to cancel the PII removal, you can do so by navigating back to the Segment in question and selecting Cancel Removal. This can only be done within an hour of initiating the Data Removal. 
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