How to Configure How Participant Identities are Displayed in a Study

When running a private study,  you may prefer to limit Participant visibility of one another’s identities and adjust their access to the Participant Directory and Participant profile pages. Additionally,  you may wish to control how participants are identified within the study to Clients, as well as their access to these areas.

Analysts and Moderators can configure how Participant identities are displayed within a Study by using the following steps:

📍 Navigate to Study Admin > Study Settings > Privacy

  1. Use the Participant Identities drop-down list (under the Participants and/or Clients header) to select one of the following:
    1. Full Name
    2. First Name Only
    3. First Name and Last Initial
    4. First Name and Unique ID
    5. Username Only
    6. Unique ID Only
  2. Optional: Additional privacy settings and access to social features can be disabled by unchecking each setting 
  3. Click Save
Note: Analysts and Moderators can always view Participant details in a Study,  but Participant identities can be customized within this area under Participant Identities. Administrators can also control how they will be identified within the Study to Participants by making a selection from the Administrator Identitiesdrop-down list.
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