How to Update Participant Profiles in Bulk

After the initial onboarding process, Analysts or Moderators may acquire additional data about participants or alternatively, they may find that some of the initial data was incorrect. If you need to update multiple participant profiles this can be done by leveraging the Bulk Import feature within a Study’s Admin menu. 

To bulk update participants, follow these steps:
📍 Go to the Study Admin menu > Add Participants
  1. Locate the Bulk Import a Spreadsheet pane
  2. Select Start Import
  3. On the import page, upload your prepared spreadsheet
    1. If you are unfamiliar with the format for Bulk Import spreadsheets, click Create Template to generate a pre-formatted spreadsheet to fill out
  4. Review the column information and assign the data type for each column
    1. If there are new Segments or Custom Fields in the import, select New Segment or New Custom Field
    2. If there are existing Segments or Custom Fields in the import, select Assign Segment or Assign Custom Field 
  5. Once each column has been validated, click Continue
  6. Review the data for any errors
  7. Click Start Import

Once you have completed these steps, you will have successfully updated participant profiles. 

Caution: Including a Password column in your spreadsheet when updating participant profiles is not recommended unless you are intentionally updating participant passwords.
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