How to Include Photos in the Activities Transcript (EXCEL Output)

By default, images are excluded from the Excel output of the Activities to reduce the file size, however you can choose to include photos if this is your preference. Note that the file will be very large and may take a long time to download.

To export the Activities Transcript with Photos in Excel format, follow these steps:

📍 Go to the Study Admin menu >  Transcripts
  1. Click on Activities
  2. Choose the Output: Formatted Spreadsheet (EXCEL)
  3. Under the Optional Inclusions pane, enable Photos
  4. Optional: Customize any other options to meet your objectives
  5. Click Generate Transcript
Note: If you find that you cannot download the file because it is too big, you can export the photos in a ZIP file separate from the Transcript. To do so, navigate to the Study Admin menu > Transcripts > Photos
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