How to Export Study Response Data

Once a study has ended, response data can be downloaded for further analysis or to be stored locally. Analysts and Moderators can export response data by following these steps:

📍 Go to the Study Admin menu > Transcripts
  1. Choose the Transcript Type you would like to export

    Activities Provides all participant response data from Study Activities
    Discussions Provides all participant response data from Study Discussions
    Messages Provides all private messages between participants and Study Admins
  2. Customize the Transcript Options to meet your objectives (e.g. Output, Format, Group By etc.)
  3. Select Generate Transcript 
    1. If you select the HTML Output option, the Transcript will appear in a new browser window. From here, you can select Print to Save as PDF. 

Media Exports

If the study contained Photo or Video Tasks, you will also have the option to export media. To export collected photos and videos, follow these steps:

📍 Go to the Study Admin menu > Transcripts
  1. Select the media type (Photos or Videos) you wish to export
  2. Click Generate Archive
  3. Use the link provided to download the archive
    1. Large media exports can be difficult to download. If the download fails, reduce the date range to decrease the file size before downloading
Note: Charts and Graphs are also included in Transcripts & Media Exports. These can be be downloaded individually from the Summary tab > Charts.
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