Study Settings: Transcription

The Video Transcription Glossary allows Analysts and Moderators to define uncommon key terms to "boost" the recognition of those words when audio is transcribed into text. This feature can be beneficial for better identifying brand and product names, and other terms or phrases that may be frequently mistranscribed. 

The Video Transcription Glossary is unique to each individual Study, and can be located from the Study Admin Menu > Study Settings > Transcription

Note that each word or phrase must be represented on it’s own line. Example:

Entered as shown below, the phrase “Recollective, Ramius” will be treated as one phrase.

Entered as shown below, “Recollective” and “Ramius” will be treated as standalone words and boosted accordingly.

Adding words and phrases to the Glossary will greatly increase their appearance in Transcripts. Note that in some cases, Transcripts may still need to be edited for perfect accuracy. Here are some additional Transcript editing tips:

  • While editing a word, the TAB key can be pressed to save the current edit and start the edit of the next word.
  • While editing a word, the SHIFT-TAB key can be pressed to save the current edit and start the edit of the previous word.
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