Becoming Recollective Certified

We have developed the Recollective Certification program to help you become fluent in our platform and make your studies more successful. With three distinct tracks, Expert, Moderator, & Recruiter, there is a Certification option for any research industry professional who wants to maximize their Recollective knowledge and skills

The overarching goals of certification are to empower our customers and partners and achieve the following outcomes:

  • Maximize return on technology investment and eliminate support service costs
  • Increase response rates and engagement through improved participant management and experience
  • Reduce programming time and get studies into field faster
  • Streamline study management
  • Achieve faster and more compelling insights through efficient analysis and reporting

Recollective Certified Expert

For anyone who wants to execute qualitative research projects from start to finish using Recollective.

  • This course is universal and fits most researchers' needs as it covers everything from onboarding participants into the platform, programming a study, managing participants, reviewing responses, to effectively using our analysis and reporting tools. You will gain the experience needed to design more compelling research projects, drive innovation within your organization and help companies solve their most pressing problems.

Recollective Certified Moderator

For members who want to hone in on the tools essential for moderation, analysis and reporting in shorter-term studies.

  • By taking this course, you will learn the best practices for successful study moderation, participant management, and insight generation within Recollective. Although you won't be programming the study, you will be responsible for managing the platform once it's live, managing the participants and ensuring participant engagement, reporting on the data and drawing conclusions from the responses.

Recollective Certified Recruiter

Designed for independent recruiters or agency researchers who want to recruit participants and onboard them into Recollective studies.

  • This course is ideal for existing Recruiters who want to expand their services to include screening, onboarding, and ongoing management of participants all within the Recollective platform. Recollective Certified Recruiters can provide advanced participant management services to their end-clients by leveraging Recollective's tools for progress and incentive tracking, and participant followups, all within the platform. 
Please note: Everything that is covered in the Moderator and Recruiter tracks is also covered in the Expert track.

The courses are all done online within the Recollective platform, allowing you to complete them at your own pace at any time throughout the day. Instructional videos, images, and interactive content making it easy to digest and accessible to a variety of learners, and short quizzes at the end of each module to help prepare you for the final exam. 

If you are interested in any of the Certification courses and need more information, contact us at

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